Alex Bennett Biography


Primary Work

February and March 2003
KNEW Radio, San Francisco, California  6am to 9am


I got a call from the GM of this Clear Channel station to help them do a soft launch of a talk station.  I was told that it might only last a few months because they didn’t truly know what they were going to do.  So for a few months I did a politically oriented talk show, that turned out to be some of my best work.  It was a work in progress and they decided to import a fully formed morning show that had been on the air for 4 years out of Sacramento.


June 2000 – November 2001

CNET Radio, San Francisco, California - 9:00am to 12:30pm Tech Talk


The program dealt with the primary mission of the station, which was technology news and stocks.  I was brought in to lighten the format a bit and make it play to a broader audience  In my first three months there, the ratings improved dramatically , proving that I was doing what I was hired to do. I was the highest rated segment of the day.  It was about that time that I was told that my show played too much to the average person and that I had to be more serious and play to the “internet professional”. I was told to cut back on my approach. It was then that the station disappeared from the ratings, never to return.  Being a good employee, I did what they said, but in spite of that, the powers that be at CNET (the dot com side, not the broadcast professional who hired me) felt I was in their words “too much of a personality”.  They weren’t radio people.  I am.   It wasn’t a good fit.


October 1998- September 2000

Play-TV (Play Incorporated) TV Talk Program


This was one of the more experimental times in my life.  Being very much into new technologies for communication, I teamed up with a friend who was the CEO of Play Inc. and started an Internet broadcasting network.  We were live 12 hours a day from various locations from my place in San Francisco to a home in Revelstoke, British Columbia using a state of the art system that replaced an entire TV studio with a box and a computer.  My show was 2:00pm to 4:00pm PST Monday through Friday.  It came to an end due to the bankruptcy of the parent company.


January 1986 – October 1989 and April 1990 to September 1998

KITS (Live 105), San Francisco, California – 6 to10am


This was a two-part employment where I was let go and brought back again.  It was also the most successful of my San Francisco career.  It was here that I maintained the most popular non-news morning show in the bay area.  The program could be best described as an entertainment show and featured comedians (the first show in the country to do so on a regular basis), big names in show business, musicians who would perform, authors and newsmakers.  In addition it had a live studio audience and on special occasions a live orchestra.

It was a real moneymaker and was responsible for about 50% of the station’s billing.  I was replaced in July 1997 when CBS bought the station and wanted a home for Howard Stern.  I continued to get paid for the remainder of my contract.


January 1989 – April 1990
WIOD, Miami, Florida - 2 to 6pm Talk Format


This was a quickie in order to keep working during my hiatus from KITS. 

June 1983 – October 1985

KQAK (The Quake) 6 to 10am Modern Rock/ Talk show


This job was good news and bad news.  The good news was that I became the top paid talent in the market.  The bad news was that the person, who owned the station, handled the station finances questionably.  After about two years, the station was sold up to its ears in debt.  The format was changed to one that I couldn’t fit.  I had a clause in my contract, which gave me full control over the content of the program.  They either had to play or pay.  They chose to pay.  KITS came along and the GM, taking a cue from football deals bought me out for half the contract’s worth, while KQAK’s successors still paid the other half.


September 1980 – March 1983

KMEL San Francisco, California – 6 to10 am CHR/ Talk show


It was here that the prodigal son returned home to San Francisco.  I played some music, but most of the show was guests and myself.  The show became the #1 non-news morning show in San Francisco.  I left for considerably better money offered by KQAK.



An experimental period.  References upon request.


1972 – 1977

WPLJ (ABC), New York   2 to 6am


Here I did a similar program that I did at WMCA (see below) and it became the #1 overnight show in New York for several years.  It included drop in guest like John Lennon, Stevie Wonder and Jack Nicholson along with the political radicals of the time.






1970 - 1972

WMCA, New York   1 to 6am  (later 7 to10pm) Talk Host


I finally hit the big time here and in also became the last “WMCA Good Guy”. It was here that I became famous for among other things, having the “Paul is Dead” theory surface on my show.  I also interviewed rock stars on a regular basis, which up until this time, amazingly no one had done.  But I was most known for being “The counter culture guru” because I had as regulars on my show underground radicals like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. I was the first person to interview Timothy Leary in Algeria when he ran from the law. Unfortunately this image would dog me for years to come until I went to San Francisco and became “The Comedy Guru”.  People just love to type you!  I was eventually let go because the station had signed with the Yankee’s and since they would be on during my time period they decided to part ways.  I must have had an effect on my audience because several thousand of them showed up in front of the station to protest my dismissal.

Secondary Work


1996 – 1997

“Log On TV” KGO-TV, San Francisco


This was a weekly program about technology where I did a segment that dealt primarily with consumer electronics.  The segment was called “User Friendly” and it attempted to make technology accessible to everyone through the use of easy to understand concepts and a lot of humor.  My work here garnered me an EMMY for “Outstanding Achievement: Talent – Programming”.




“Bay To Breakers Special

KPIX-TV San Francisco, California


Did a segment and won my first EMMY for a group effort in sports.



1985 - 1989

“Comedy Tonight” - Host

KQED-TV (PBS Network) San Francisco, California

A series of comedy programs featuring sets by then up and coming comedians like Whoopie Goldberg and Dana Carvey.  Nationally syndicated to PBS Stations around the country.  I was the host for 4 seasons.




Other Stations prior to New York:




WIND, Chicago, Illinois  DJ

WLOL, Minneapolis, Minnesota  Talk

KILT, Houston, Texas DJ/Talk

KGMS, Sacramento, California  Production

KFIV, Modesto, California  DJ

KLAD, Klamath Falls, Oregon DJ

KTIM, San Rafael, California  Everything.  (my first radio job)